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Hair Potion Baby Fangs 🍼

Hair Potion Baby Fangs 🍼

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Scent : Bloody Black Cherry 🍒 



Don’t eat ur hair after... it’s kinda weird 😳

Key Ingredient(s)

⭐️ Natural silicone helps with shine and makes your hair silly smooth without making them heavier.

⭐️ Jojoba oil and argan oil deeply nourish them

About Me

To help hydrate and have shiny detangled hair 🌬

Jojoba oil and argan are playing an important role in this hydrating hair serum, also natural and vegan “silicone” helps detangle and won’t make ur hair heavier !!!⛅️

How To Use

Use on dry or damp hair. Put one or two drops on your hands, massage it through your hair ENDS, don’t put it on the roots, only the ends bby! 💕

Let it dry or simply brush, voilà 🌟


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