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Fragrance Mist Unicorn Blood 🦄

Fragrance Mist Unicorn Blood 🦄

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Scent: Blue raspberry and cotton 🍭 the perfect delicate sugary scent 🦄

*****Since we do care about all creatures, the unicorn blood collection comes with a blood donation certificate that confirms that all unicorns that have donated blood consented to it⚡️🦄✨❣️🥺 ****

Key Ingredient(s)

⭐️ Glycerin: Helps holds the scent for a longer time ✨

About Me

Fragrance Mists are everyday mists that you can use on clothes, air, bed sheets, bags, plushies 🥺✨🧸 to give the perfect vibe to every occasion 💕🐰

How To Use

Set the vibe by spraying your favorite bunny mist on your clothes, bedsheets, bags, plushies and in the air! The world is yours! 💖


Water, alcohol, Vegetable glycerin, Fragrances or Essential Oils, Micas.

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